Labradors For Sale
Because of our daily involvement with Working Labradors, Training Schedules, Handling, Field Trialling, and Breeding, Copperbirch Labradors frequently has Pedigree Pups, as well as Partly-Trained and Fully-Trained Labrador Retrievers for sale with the finest British and Irish Field Trial Pedigree's.

Each dog is priced according to its own individual merits. All pedigrees are not the same, and well-trained dogs are worthy of a respectable price. A dog's value depends upon the following factors:
Pedigree / bloodlines
Level of training
Field Trialling & Competiton Results
Hip score & Elbow Scores & Clear Eye Certificates
. Genetic DNA Health Screen Tests

Some of these dogs would be suitable for the following:
Competition, Field Trialling, Shooting & Picking Up, Pets, Narcotics Work, Search and Rescue Dogs.


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